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Three Timeless Questions RV Buyers Must Ask Themselves

Updated: Jun 24

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Cast your mind back to the RV Market of 2020/2021. It was a time when sales lots and marketing websites were bustling with buyers, but inventory was scarce. Interest rates were at an all-time low, and stimulus money injected life into the economy. Unprecedentedly, RV values were on the rise. Today, as we consider buying, selling, or trading, we face the stark reality that the landscape has shifted once more!

As we navigated the RV market this year, three Timeless Questions for RV buyers were invaluable in guiding our decisions. We share them with you in the hope that they might serve as a compass if you are in the market for an RV.   

  1.  What Experiences Do You Dream of Having with Our RV?

It's crucial to remember that an RV is merely a tool, a means to turn a vision into reality. No RV can perfectly meet all our needs.  Therefore, it's essential to define the experiences we desire most and keep them in focus before we delve into serious shopping.  One person might envision weekends by the campfire with family, while another might dream of a nomadic lifestyle, living and traveling full-time in an RV.  One person might aspire to disconnect from the grid, while another might prefer the luxury of fancy RV Resorts. Defining these experiences will guide our RV choi.

  1.  What Are Your Financial Realities?

Are you still working, or are you Retired?  Are you a cash buyer, or will you need a loan?  Will you need to sell or trade your old RV to get a new one?  Do you mind writing off the first and second years of depreciation on a new rig, or will you strictly be shopping for used?  Can you afford the annual and unexpected maintenance costs that an RV will require?


  1.  What Are Your Physical Limitations?

Are you up to the challenge of operating and maintaining your RV of choice?  Don’t forget to factor in planned surgeries, chronic health conditions, disabilities, and even mental health issues that might require special accommodations.  If you plan on taking the family pets with you, remember their needs too.

Please watch this week's video to learn more about how we answered these questions and find out what rig we will use this year.


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