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Thanks To Our Subscribers

You may not have noticed that the little Youtube Channel we started a year ago is beginning to grow. Today, we are closing in on 3000 Subscribers and 12,000 watch hours and we have to say we are super excited and a bit anxious too as we contemplate the possibility that this is just the tip of the iceberg.

From the beginning we had a clear vision of how we wanted to Explore, Create, Inspire and share our new full time RV Life but realistically we didn’t expect that it would reach much beyond family and a few friends. It was our goal to step outside our comfort zone, meet new friends and develop a sense of community that would ground us as we moved about the country like nomads. In that respect our cup has runneth over. If you are one of the many new friends that have already enriched our lives we say Thank You. Whether we’ve actually met in person or just online we want you to know that your encouragement and camaraderie is so much appreciated. If our paths are just now crossing for the first time we invite you to subscribe to this blog and to our Youtube Channel and feel free to reach out and say hello.


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