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RV Parking On Residential Property: Our Search and Inspirations

Updated: Jan 23

painting of cypress swamp boardwalk
This was my Christmas Card to Tammy! The sketch will be used as my guide for a future oil painting.

2023 will be remembered by us as the year that we transitioned from Full Time RV living to Part Time RV Living with a Home Base twist, Parking our rig on residential property. This etherial composition was inspired by a two acre property that we came very close to buying.  

Collectively Tammy and I have over 110 years of life experience to lean on yet there we were in the heat of a bidding war to buy a property that was significantly submerged in a SWAMP. The romantic idea of having our very own boardwalk through the cypress forest had completely taken us captive.  The tiny historic Cracker House, the back porch with the screen door that closed with a “Thwacking” sound and the prehistoric call of a Great Blue Heron so completed the ambiance that we completely lost our minds.  Perhaps our love for the haunting melody and Lyrics of John Anderson’s “Seminole Wind” and the poetic prose of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings’ “Cross Creek”  somehow inspired us to see beyond what was actually there before our eyes, to envision what it might become.  

In any event, as 2023 comes to a close we feel ever so fortunate that the siren call was even louder for the competing bidder and we lost the battle.  As so often happens when we ask for “this or something better” we end up with something better.  We love our new Home Base. Happy New Year to All!


cypress swamp boardwalk
It turns out we don't have to own it to be inspired by it.


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