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For Sale: Must-Haves We Discovered at the Florida RV Super-show

Whether dreaming of driving a your home on wheels down some iconic highway for the first time or looking for a RV for sale to replace the one you have now,  just about everyone in attendance at the Annual Florida RV Super-show is there for a common reason.  Something about surrounding yourself with people who are excited about what lies around the next curve in life is just so inspiring.  

Our mission for the 2024 show was to to fill the inspiration tank and hopefully come away with some clarity on what type of rig will work for us in our new normal RV home-base lifestyle.  Now that we are no longer living in our RV full time we don’t need to take it all with us.  Also,  our Florida location opens up a whole new world of adventurous possibilities and we are looking for a simpler rig to get the job done. 

If you haven’t done so yet we invite you to subscribe to our website and Youtube Channel.  Your feedback and interaction is what motivates us to share our journey with you.  Also, please share our videos with friends and family who might be interested in RVs or who might be inspired by the exploring, creating and inspiring that comes with the “Til Further Notice Lifestyle”.  We are all about growing our community!

Please see this weeks video to see our Take-Aways from this years Tampa Show.  


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