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Nasa Rocket Launch Viewing: RV Life's Unlikely Adventure

Updated: 3 days ago

What do NASA Rocket Launch viewing and RV life adventures have in common you might ask. The simple answer is that they are both likely to be found on the bucket lists of millions of Americans and are just as likely to remain there without taking a leap of faith to get them checked off.

If you've been following our journey you already know that we sold our home and discarded most of our material possessions in 2020 to travel the country in a tiny home on wheels. It was a window of opportunity that we know wouldn't last forever due to life and health circumstances so despite a list of hesitations, doubts and fears we jumped through the window like the house was on fire.

Fast forward three years and we found ourselves with the keys to a run down double wide mobile home on a rural two acre plot of land on the Gulf Coast of Florida. Father time and the need to re-establish ourselves with medical care meant that once again a permanent address was necessity of life. We fully intend to continue our RV adventures but we'll do so on a part time basis.

One door (or window) closes and another opens! Even though we live on the opposite side of the the Florida Peninsula from the Space Coast we quickly discovered that on a clear day or night we could watch rockets shoot for the heavens with our naked eyes from our own back yard. The lifelong dream of getting close enough to the launch pads of Cape Canaveral to witness ignition and lift off was now at the top of the bucket list.

nasa rocket launch viewing
Nasa Rocket Launches from my back yard

Our leap of faith came when our Til Further Notice community members (Jeff and Miranda) suggested that we fill out an application to attend the historic launch of the Crew Flight Test of the new Boeing STARLINER spaceship. Nasa has a program called "Nasa Social" that invites a small number of social media content creators to attend notable launches as members of the media. Several weeks went by after submitting our applications before the most unlikely thing happened. We were accepted!

We hope you'll Tag Along with this adventure and all of our exploits by subscribing to our Youtube Channel.


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