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Postcards From New England

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Acadia national park sunset
Sunset at our Campground near Acadia National Park

Saying Goodbye to family is a hard but necessary reality in RV life but then again it has always been difficult. Even when we had the big home in Denver time together was limited to holidays and overnight visits every couple of months. But as time marches on so does the intensity of the sadness of parting and this time was no exception.

We set out on the 8th of July in the face powerful summer thunderstorms and record high heat and fuel prices, our destination New England. The plan was to head east by northeast through the rural rolling plains to Las Animas then follow the Arkansas River all the way to Dodge City. We had no reservations for the next 10 nights and the route and cadence of our travel would be determined mainly by the weather.

Spoiler Alert! We made it safe and sound. There is no video this week partly because of road weariness but also because we are spending more time exploring this beautiful part of the country. No need to worry, we’ll be sharing all of our new adventures with you in future videos. Keep in mind that there is a one to two month delay between between real time and video production dates. If you haven’t already subscribed to our Youtube Channel we invite you to do so!

milky way acadia national park
Night Sky over Acadia National Park


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