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Greetings from a boat out of water

boat out of water at low tide in maine
A 20 foot tide rises and falls here at the edge of the USA. The far shoreline is Campobello Island, New Brunswick

Staying connected to the internet while traveling full time in an RV is sometimes challenging, but never before have we been this isolated.  We are in extreme Eastern Main for the next three weeks and our usually reliable T-Mobile service is MIA.  We are forced to rely on my verizon cel phone for connectivity and speeds are so poor that I can’t even post our most recent video so if you are looking for it, please go directly to our Youtube Channel.

Fingers Crossed we can find enough connectivity somewhere to upload the next video!  We’ll keep you up to date.  The good news is, we are out exploring the beauty of this place and we look forward to sharing it all with you.


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