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Credit Where Credit is Due

This week’s video might make you wonder who does what around here and by “around here” I mean wherever our adventures take us. If you didn’t already know, we are on a mission to explore, create and inspire and a lot of unexpected things happen as we pursue those goals. So how do we divide up all of the work that has to be done in order to live this life, document it and share it?

Tammy is the Director of our Vlog (Youtube Channel). She is the brains, beauty and passion behind the videos we share every week. As you might imagine she dedicates countless hours researching, planning and editing before she ever hits the publish button for each one of our videos. She single handedly captures the lions share of the video content and then somehow slices and dices it into the finished production. And once a video goes live process of reading and responding to comments has just begun.

Most of my contributions to video productions are behind the scenes but when I’m in front of the camera I try to do my best to look the lens in the eye and talk to our audience but all too often I’m not making eye contact which of course the Director lets me know about. Other than the brilliant snippets of me every so often much of what is taped is simply evidence that I’m slowly loosing my marbles. If it sounds like I got the better end of the deal your not far off but in my own defense I keep the website and I write the blog in addition to doing most of the maintenance and all of the driving, so there’s that.


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