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BEHIND THE LENS ~ "Fast Forward"

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Bald Eagle flying at Puget Sound in Washington state
"Fast Forward" (1/4000 sec, f3.5, 200mm, ISO 400)

I almost always photograph two of my favorite subjects at 1/4000th of a second. Birds and ocean waves move so quickly that anything slower leaves you with a bunch of blurred pictures. Every once in a while if you’re close enough, the lighting is right and you have optimal camera settings you can capture with great clarity the details that the naked eye and the human brain can’t quite keep up with. I captured this beautiful bald Eagle at an estuary not far from our campsite in the South Puget Sound. There were so many opportunities that day and I shot a bunch of frames but only a few nailed the essence of the scene. This was one of them.

I invite you to see all of my recent work in our new website Image Gallery. I’m honored every time someone stops in just to look and to see and to hopefully be inspired. If you see any image you would like to use for your website, walls or as a gift I’ll send you a high resolution digital download for just a few bucks to use as you wish. I also work with buyers and art consultants to create custom and affordable wall art using my images. If you have a custom project in mind please contact me so we can brainstorm together.


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