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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Woman standing under Cypress Tree at Sunset on Oregon Coast
"The Moment" ~ Southern Oregon Coast

It seems a little bit surreal that we have been living this RV life for over a year now. Life untethered from the restraints of the sticks and bricks might seem to be romantic, exciting and even easy but I can tell you that it isn’t always that way. There are times when you question your judgement and it seems like it would be so much easier to just tie yourself down again in the predictable familiarity that comes from staying in one place. But then again there are times when you are absolutely certain that you are doing exactly what you are suppose to be doing at that particular time in your life. This photograph absolutely captured the essence of the latter.

I shot this picture last January on the day of our 20th Wedding Anniversary. It had been raining for days as it often does in the winter on the Oregon Coast. We pulled over at an unmarked parking spot in the Samuel Boardman Scenic Corridor and got out with our cameras hoping to snap a few pictures of the blustery fog that was clinging to the cliffs along Hwy. 101. We ended up scrambling our way down a muddy path to the edge of the cliffs to witness the clouds part making way for the most intense golden hour and sunset imaginable. This spot will forever be known to us as “Anniversary Point”. As usual, I did use a steady tripod. Camera Settings: iso 100, 24mm, f22, 1/60th sec.

I invite you to see all of my recent work in our new Image Gallery (click the tab above). I’m honored every time someone stops in just to look and to see and to hopefully be inspired. If you see any image you would like to use for your website, walls or as a gift I’ll send you a high resolution digital download for just a few bucks to use as you wish. I also work with buyers and art consultants to create custom and affordable wall art using my images. If you have a custom project in mind please contact me so we can brainstorm together.


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