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Great Blue Heron takes flight along the shore of the South Puget Sound
Great Blue Heron takes flight along the shore of the South Puget Sound

This is a fitting shot for this week as we ourselves prepare to load up our RV and take flight. Last year at this time we were working our way north from Colorado for the Winter, this year we will do the opposite. There are so many things about the Pacific Northwest that we’ve come to Love and seeing so many of these magnificent creatures working the tides of the Puget Sound has been one of many highlights. I’ve found that photographing birds requires a lot of patience and a lot of luck. On this particular bright and sunny day the hard light really brought out the blues and grays in my friends graceful five foot wingspan. I shoot with a Nikon D750 and I love it but it does not do well with grain and noise at ISO’s higher than 400. It’s always a gift to get the hard light as it enables you to keep your ISO low and still achieve the fast shutter speed needed to even have a chance to get the subject in focus. (ISO 100, f3.5, 1/4000th. sec.)

I invite you to see all of my recent work in our new Image Gallery (click the tab above). I’m honored every time someone stops in just to look and to see and to hopefully be inspired. If you see any image you would like to use for your website, walls or as a gift I’ll send you a high resolution digital download for just a few bucks to use as you wish. I also work with buyers and art consultants to create custom and affordable wall art using my images. If you have a custom project in mind please contact me so we can brainstorm together.


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