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A Message From The Real Us

To some it may appear as though Tammy and I are completely out of touch with the troubling times we live in. In these videos we are still in Colorado preparing to set out on a year long 5000 mile trek across America while pandemics, extreme weather, violence, poverty and social discord are devastating so many lives.

It may look like we haven’t got a concern in the world when we post our adventures in our weekly videos. The truth is we are just as vulnerable and concerned by the woes of our time as the average American but we’ve decided to live the RV Life now despite our fears because tomorrow is not guaranteed. For now (til further notice) life’s circumstances, the universe and God’s grace are all leading us to move forward with our mission to let every state in this union seep deep down in our souls (paraphrasing Bob Dylan). We hope you tag along!


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