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Way More Good Days Than Bad Days

Choosing to dispose of most of our possessions in order to live the full time RV Life was a very big deal. For us it was a decision that simplified and complicated our lives in ways that we we didn’t expect when we first drove away from the sticks and brick, the bridge back to normal smoldering behind us.

We’ve been at it for two years now, pivoting from our anchor in southern Colorado to the far reaches of the country for long stretches of time. In the grand scheme we’ve just barely begun to learn all of the ways that this lifestyle can make possible new enriching experiences. So too are we aware of how quickly the winds of fortune can shift, either blowing you into the rocks or leaving you like a boat dead in the water with no wind in your sails.

We hope that the sum total of our video content is heavily weighted on the virtues of full time RV Life because the answer to the question that we get asked over and over again (“Would you do it all over again?”) is a resounding YES. We hope you’ll tag along with us by subscribing to our website and to our Youtube Channel. Our growing community is what motivates us to keep making great content.


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