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Til Further Notice: We Have a Homebase

Technically our new home base is also a home on wheels or at least it was when it was delivered from the factory. Most of us have witnessed the spectacle of a gigantic moblile home rolling down the highway with an "Oversized Load" sign flapping in the wind. Pilot cars dodging and weaving between the lanes like body guards hold back traffic that otherwise might get squeezied into the guardrail while attempting to pass. Talk about white knuckle driving! I often wonder if ours was divided into two or four pieces and how many close calls may have been encountered en route to our property. Our new to us Merrit doublewide is 68' by 28' making is roughly five and a half times larger than the RV we've been living full time in and its gonna take a little time getting used to the extra space. This weeks video highlights the big move and we also make a big announcement about our upcoming first ever Live Youtube appearance!


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