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The RV Macerator Pump Is A Game Changer

FloJet RV Macerator Waste Pump
Who knew this was a thing? FloJet Portable RV Waste Pump

After watching this weeks video you might be scratching your head and wondering how an RV Macerator Pump might enrich your life, or not. We succeeded in documenting for the world to see, how we bumbled our way through the process of making sh*t flow uphill. The revelation that this can actually be done came to us through watching youtube videos by others and now we hope to pass on the torch of enlightenment. I can tell you first hand that until you actually experience the disgustingness of manually transferring black tank contents you won’t understand what a miracle the macerator pump is.

For us the need for a miracle came during extended stays at Tammy’s Parent’s home in Colorado. They have gone above and beyond creating a place for us to come “home” to and we couldn’t be more thankful. A place to feel safe, check. 50amp electric, check. Water, check. The only thing preventing the site from being a full hook-up was about 90 feet of distance to the sewer clean out pipe and Newton’s law of gravity. The first time we stayed the weekly process of dumping the black tank was laborious, not to mention the gut wrenching waves of nausea associated with the dreaded task. Roughly 8 gallons at a time I would transfer into a two wheel sewage tote. I then had to drag the goods from point A to Point B over and over again. It didn’t take long to figure out that I was hesitant to flush the black tank with clean water because of the amount of work involved.

During our most recent visit to Colorado we bit the bullet and purchased a FloJet Portable RV Waste Pump, 100ft. of 3/4” garden hose and a clear sewer hose coupler to get the job done. It seemed expensive at the time but after seeing for myself what a game changer it is I would have paid more. The only thing I didn’t like about the pump was that they only provide eight or ten feet of wire to connect to a 12V power source. I ended up pulling my truck up uncomfortably close to the rig to get electricity. The clear coupler connected the pump to the sewer discharge pipe and worked well giving me a way to visually gauge my progress.


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