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Dog Ranch TV Meets Til Further Notice

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Til Further Notice being interviewed by Dog Ranch TV
We spilled it all in our first podcast interview

One of the goals written on the white board as we planned our “Til Further Notice” chapter was to meet new and interesting people. We didn’t know how or when or where but we knew that we would inevitably cross paths with people who would enrich our lives and inspire us. Most recently we met Courtney and Bart Emken, owners of Dog Boy’s Dog Ranch in Austin, Texas. Courtney and Bart are Dog Lovers who over 25 years ago went to work on their own white board and ended up building a business that is the product of their hard work, passion and creative energy. In the nineties, they became pioneers in the now exploding pet care industry and today they own a vibrant dog training, dog boarding and doggie daycare facility with 15 grass covered acres where dogs can play with other dogs.

So how did our stars align? How did two artists living full time in a fifth-wheel get to know the owners of a brilliant pet business half way across the country? It turns out Courtney and Bart have dreamed of the freedom of RV living and they took note of our Youtube Channel. In particular they were curious to know what it was like living with our pets while traveling and they wanted to interview us for their podcast. They told us that we inspired them but in the end it was us who were inspired by them.

The interview was pleasant and relaxed and we were surprised at the end to realize how long we had talked. So if you want to see a little bit of the un-edited raw us and hear us answer some of the questions you might have about our newly chosen lifestyle here you go.


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